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Our Mission

Kay’s Cleaning Services llc is black owned and operated residential cleaning service providing flexible scheduling, quality cleaning products, affordable pricing and a personalized cleaning fit for anyone's lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing a professional personalized cleaning service to enable my clients to spend less time worrying and cleaning their home and more time enjoying the activities and people they love. 

Kay's Cleaning Services - Personalized Residential Cleaning Services - Madison WI area

Company Philosophy and Vision

Kay’s Cleaning Services LLC values are honesty, professionalism, care for our community, and affordable to our clients. While holding these values to the highest standards Kay’s Cleaning Services envisions always providing excellent customers while servicing my community.

About Us 

Meet the Owner

Meet Kay, the heart and soul behind Kay's Cleaning Services LLC. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Kay is dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable residential cleaning services to our community. Her passion for cleaning and unwavering commitment to excellence drives her to deliver exceptional service, all while building a brand that actively gives back to the community. Join us in experiencing Kay's unparalleled dedication to making homes spotless and the community stronger!

Photo of the owner of Kay's Cleaning Services - Personalized Residential Cleaning Services - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
example of a home cleaned by a professional cleaning company

Committed to Excellence

Welcome to Kay's Cleaning Services LLC! Discover the joy of spotless homes with our professional, personalized cleaning services. Spend quality time with your loved ones and leave the worries of home cleanliness to us. Embrace the warmth of Madison and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, as we offer you the most reliable cleaning service around. Hire us today!

Flawless: Move out cleaning magic done by us!

What Our Clients are Saying 

“Kay is extremely helpful and did an incredible job in our place. We were worried that some things would be too messy but she worked quickly and made our apartment wonderfully clean. We look forward to working with her again!”

- Andrew B.

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